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July 1, 2018

Where is Sweden? And why should you care?

CA Sweden started in September of 2003 with a small stable core of members, and after a few stumbles during the first couple of years, the fellowship grew wider and became part of something grand. It became the part of CA World. As we grew we needed to navigate our way forward, we asked for help arranging conventions and retreats, we asked for help in translating pamphlets and books, we asked for help in many ways – and we always received what we needed, though not always what we asked for.


Our fellows were wiser than we were. Giving us direction, love and understanding, we became a part of a strong fellowship and for that we are eternally grateful! We do now recognize ourselves as “a part of” and we feel both proud and humble that we are given the task of planning the greatest party ever seen. 


We love being of service and feel that we are finally in a position of paying back what so generously has been given to us – and we will give it our all!

Being part of CA is a journey, not a goal!

From Sweden with love!


Johan T

Chair, “Stockholm Syndrome” CAWS 2019 Sweden