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March 6, 2019

CA Boden – A vision for you – the most northern CA group in the world

In the very north of Sweden where the winter gets really cold, the sun hardly ever rise in December but the snow glows and the northern light, aurora borealis lights up any heart that catch the sight of it.


Where the summer is so light and bright, the midnight sun shines over miles and miles of untouched nature. In this lovely quiet place on earth there are a lot of alcoholics and addicts because the disease of addiction is very democratic. When you’re in the problem of addiction you cannot see these amazing phenomena of life like northern light, midnight sun or other parts of life like relationships that can flower, feel feelings in both happiness and sadness. Addiction isolates us from our own soul, from other people, from God and the beauty of life.


When I arrived to this place after moving 1200 kilometers I had just got sober again. I had had a relapse lasting 2½ years after 12 years of life in sobriety. So I knew I have to find a fellowship and likeminded people with the same problem as me who had found a solution.


After a meeting in another fellowship a now very dear friend of mine came up to me after the meeting and asked me “why did you stop praying?” At first I thought he was odd and could mind his own business. But this program has taught me to take inventory; he was an honest caring new friend. Not long after he came up to me again “Hey I have figured out you worked the steps through the big book, don’t you think we should start a solution focused meeting here in Boden?” Of course I did think so. This was the beginning of something amazing.


He had a sponsor who had worked the steps in CA and now I knew it was CA meeting that he wanted to start because he had got the solution from another CA member. We got some people together, planned a start date, found a place to be, contacted CA Sweden, we got a start pack with pamphlets and off we went in January 2016 we had our first meeting. None of us had been to CA meetings somewhere else so we just followed instructions.


Sometimes some curious people came and visit from other fellowships but most of the time the first year we were 2-3 in each meeting. We always stayed focused on the solution and how we could keep working in action with our primary purpose, carrying this message to the addict who still suffers. So how could we do that? I went to Stockholm to visit friends and went to CA there, in that way we in our small group started to be a small part of something bigger in this fellowship. We went to speakardays in other cities, we joined facebook communities for CA Sweden members, and we put up notes in grocery stores and spread meetinglists to hospitals and other places who worked with addicts.


Slowly the group grew; some people came back from treatment in other cities and had got themselves sponsors through CA online, they wanted to be at service. In that spirit we started another meeting and since then we’ve had two meetings a week.


We started having contact with treatment-centers to be able to come there and tell them about CA as a fellowship and how working the steps can give you your life back. During the fall 2017 we had a visit from CA Sweden H&I to start up a more structured way of doing the service at institutions we had already commenced. We got great support and inspiration from this visit and regularly afterwards which has lead to more H&I activity and hence to that more newcomers and people recovering in our small city in the north of Sweden.


I am so grateful. For this fellowship, for all you people out there in the world recovering. I am grateful to that there is a solution, a vision for you and that God keeps working in mysterious ways. Today our group has oldtimers and newcomers, a lot of people who wants to be at service, who work the steps and the traditions so that we can keep working in action with our primary purpose. There is a solution and we are a small part of something bigger – CA world fellowship.


/Truly grateful – Happy joyous free