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Oct. 3, 2018

Only 9 months to go!

Recently We had a meeting with what We call “redaktionen”. It’s a group that handle the information regarding the Stockholm Syndrome CAWS 2019. We frequently meet and for the first time we had the meeting at The Infracity Hotel were the convention is beeing held in July next year – the place is great! We are a group of service willing people and our meeting addressing big and small questions like: What kind of service level does an international guest expect? What should the merch look like? How can we reach the media accordingly to the traditions? It’s an important job and it needs to be done! We are doing it! We are now taking the preperation to the next level with only 9 months to go and the 6th of october We are inviting members of CA to participate in a ”big meeting” here in Stockholm to see who wants to be a part of different service posts before and during the convention – come and join us!
If you are not planning to make a baby tonight. Book the ticket today!