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Oct. 22, 2018

Why are YOU going to Sweden and CAWS 2019?

We asked some of the members of our fellowship to tell us a little bit about their reason for visiting Sweden and CAWS 2019 – “Stockholm Syndrome”! This is what they told us:


“I am going to the C.A. World Convention next year in Sweden because I owe my life to Cocaine Anonymous. The annual world convention is where I plug in to the spirit of Unity and Enthusiasm. 2019 will be really special because it is being hosted by the Sweden area as part of the European region and the European region is where C.A. is growing fastest. I am looking forward to meeting new friends there from all over the world. I’m so excited and I can’t wait for July 4, 2019 to arrive.”


Tom P



“Why I am going to Sweden ? Well why not – until I met Robert b it was just ABBA,Vikings and ice hockey. By invitation I went and soon after attended the 1st ever Swedish Convention. I discovered snow, ‘skagen’ and ‘snus’ and a small group of addicts whose enthusiasm had overcome all odds to host a modest event. I am going over again to see if the 69 meetings or so need any more help!”


Nicholas L



“CAWS 2019 in Stockholm will be an incredible recovery event. I have experienced the hospitality of the CA Sweden fellowship over the years and continue to be amazed by their commitment and zeal for sharing the message of recovery. I am going to the convention a few days early for a few meetings and another look around Stockholm. It is a beautiful city. There will be so many people from Europe attending the convention that have not been to the US or Canada. CAWS 2019 in Stockholm will be a great opportunity to form new friendships with them and reconnect with friends already made. The program looks great. The speakers and workshops will certainly make an impact on my recovery. I cant wait for the Viking Island activity being offered. It will be a blast! Please come to CAWS 2019 in Stockholm.  It may be one of the best decisions you have ever made.”


Jim E



“Why the buzz? What is so special about Sweden? Why are we so excited about Stockholm and CAWSC 35 next year? We are based in Frankfurt and part of one of the smallest and youngest service areas in Europe. Previously C.A. did not have any meetings in Germany, no literature, nothing, except some old friends in Hamburg and sponsors in the UK. It’s difficult to imagine recovery when you don’t speak the language and there is no literature, we had German Big Books but that was it. All we could do was invite experience into our fledgling meetings by translating HFC II into German. Big question, could we do it? Was it possible? Was it legal? Would we grow? Who to ask? Sweden had the same experience, they held Regional Assembly in 2006, so could we. Later they had HFC II translated into Swedish, (how it happened is a story worth hearing), and if they could, we could. All we have in this fellowship is the experience of those who have gone before and we built a fellowship here in Germany based on support from the Dutch, love and encouragement from the UK and the "Just Do It" attitude of Sweden. So … perhaps the biggest reason for heading to Stockholm is to say thank you and celebrate C.A. Europe. Of course this is also a milestone in the history of C.A. Rarely do we see the World Convention outside of America, naturally, the US is the birthplace of C.A. and we in Europe are just young offspring, but we are coming of age and this convention is epic in being the first in a largely non-English speaking Region. CAWSC has been to Montreal twice with its French speaking membership and of course Birmingham in 2012, but this is mainland Europe, this is the fastest growing region of C.A. and the most diverse. Our own home group is made up of members who speak English, German, Croatian, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Kenyan, Hindi and Greek! So we hope to meet new members who can take the enthusiasm of this fellowship back to their home countries. So Sweden for us is going to be about reaching out to the membership and spreading the word. There is probably one final reason we are so excited and that is – it is the Swedes! Have you seen them? They are simply the most beautiful people, generous and enthusiastic, chic and stylish with a design sensibility that is so cool its icy. Sure you've seen the graphics already, truly inspired, young and fresh like nothing else before in C.A. The ideas, the blog, everything has a sense of great adventure to it. We just know that this is going to be the most amazing convention, which can only be made better by seeing you there.”


David & Claudia, Frankfurt Group



So, why are YOU going?

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Can’t wait to see you all in Stockholm, Sweden!