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July 6, 2018

Help us reach out!

Sweden is so excited to host CAWS 2019! We would love your help to reach out to YOUR C.A. area, district and meeting groups!


You can help us reach out by downloading the CAWS 2019 flyer, print it and distribute it in your local meeting groups.


We also encourage you to inform about CAWS 2019 on your local C.A. area, district or meeting group web page. 


And we love your help to share the web address, and our blog posts in other C.A. related Facebook groups that you are a part of. To share a blog post from on Facebook, click on the blog post and then click the “Share” icon. Select the Facebook group you want to share the blog post in.


Of course we are also very grateful for all the help we can get from you by spreading the word at the local meetings that you participate in!


CAWS 2019 info and registration:


CAWS 2019 hotel booking:


You have to enter the booking code to see available rooms and rates. After clicking the link to the hotel booking, enter the booking code, and the dates (code valid for 07/01/19–07/11/19) before clicking “See rooms and prices”. Make sure you have the correct dates and year selected.


Sign up for CAWS 2019 Newsletter:


CAWS 2019 Facebook Group: The secret Facebook Group is “CAWS 2019 Stockholm, Sweden”. Get added by contacting or ask a friend that are already in the group to add you. Please note that you can not share Facebook posts from the group on your Facebook page or in other Facebook groups (since it's a secret group). If you do, only the people that are already in the group will be able to see the post anyway.


If you have any questions, requests or would like to get involved and help us make the best C.A. convention ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Love and gratitude from Sweden!



Download flyers for print (A4/US letter, color/BW, English):



Download the CAWS 2019 logo: