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July 13, 2018

Focusing on the newcomer

Hello! I’m Mattias V and I’m the Program Chair of CAWS 2019!


I have a very exciting and important service mission.


I could only have dreamt that we would be the hosts for a world convention. I've been a part of CA Sweden since there was only one single meeting in Stockholm and seeing the fellowship grow and thrive is an experience which has meant a lot to me. I can’t put it into words! So when I was asked to be the chairman of the program, my answer was obviously YES.


My committee has always had the newcomer in focus, which can sometimes be difficult, but keeping the newcomer in mind is one of the main reasons CA has grown in Sweden into what we are today.


When planning CAWS 2019, we wanted to do something different, not just the usual world convention. In our own journey we have found that Unity is of great importance, so we will try to not have things collide with each other in the schedule during the convention.


We also want to invite really great speakers, even if some oldtimers have already heard them. We are focusing on the newcomers!


I’m so excited to see you all at CAWS 2019!


Mattias V

Program Chair, “Stockholm Syndrome” CAWS 2019


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