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July 6, 2018

What about the name Stockholm Syndrome?

It all started two years ago when we applied to host the World Convention 2019. To be honest, I never really thought we would get it. So, I voted for it! Some months later we got the message from CAWSO that Sweden will in fact be the host of the CA World Convention 2019! OMG! What happens now!?


Excited, curios and thrilled about the responsibility we had been given, we started to set up directions and the planning began in a basement in Södermalm. The years have really gone by fast. With a group of wonderful service-loving people the convention started to take its form. 


It’s the Vice Chair’s service committee’s area of responsibility to set the name of the World Convention. So, what we did was to gather some of the craziest, most creative and experienced CA people in a room where we began to pick each other’s brains to really go into the depth of the drug addicts motivation to come to Sweden. What would be attractive for the newcomers, bleeding deacons, elderly statesmen, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans? What name would make them curios enough to go North of the wall?


A lot of different crazy ideas were put on the table. One that really stood out was Stockholm Syndrome. A phrase known world wide, after a kidnapping drama that occurred in 1973, in Stockholm. Stockholm Syndrome is since then a synonym of when a captive falls in love with its kidnapper. Provocative? Yes, indeed. Some will like it, some will not. We love it! 


Hope to see you soon!


Per G

Vice Chair, “Stockholm syndrome” CAWS 2019


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